Live Wire Dev.

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Live Wire Development makes real estate evaluation a piece of cake. This interactive proprietary software “layers” all of the key data required to make smart real estate decisions. Created by Consortial Technology, a tech company based in the Chicago metro area with a focus on real estate solutions. They wanted a playful, yet professional feel for LayerCake.

We achieved a vibrant brand by using colorful vector illustrations, as well as a clean and modern aesthetic with a touch of whimsy. Consortial Technology believes data can be interactive and fun. The LayerCake brand stays true to this idea across all platforms, be it the application itself, print collateral, publications, or the website.

Full-Color Logo MockUp_LWDV.jpg
Branding Identity MockUp Vol16_LWDV-stationery-2.jpg
Realistic Business Cards MockUp 5_LWDV-biz-card.jpg

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