Live Wire Dev.

Brand Development
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Website Design

Live Wire Development (or LWDV) is a Chicago-based software development and security solutions provider. They specialize in design and architect software solutions where off-the-shelf solutions aren’t the right fit. After almost two decades of concurrent experience, they decided the company needed a re-brand and breath some fresh air into their brand and website, but wanted to maintain their tagline, “Powered by LWDV”.

We created a logo that reflected power yet also embodied a clean and modern aesthetic, utilizing shades of blues, to build depth with sharp angled lines, and a contemporary bold black font. The overall look and feel of the collateral and website pairs perfectly with the brand: clean, simple, and strong.

Full-Color Logo MockUp_LWDV.jpg
Branding Identity MockUp Vol16_LWDV-stationery-2.jpg

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