Top Web Design Trends of 2018

This is something I get asked about all the time. Everyone wants to know if their website is in fact hopelessly out of date, or hanging in there for another year. If a new website is in the near future, people want to know what the newest trends are, to ensure their website stays relevant for as long as possible and avoid turning into last years fad. 

Websites are such an important part of any business. It often times gives customers their very first impression of the business, and let me tell you - people will judge you by your website. If you aren't leveraging your website to its full potential, you're missing out! So take note, I'm getting out my crystal ball to reveal the top website design trends for 2018.



Any good designer will know how to properly work positive and negative space into a website interface. This upcoming year, embracing negative space will be more important then ever. Getting rid of unneeded flashy distractions to focus on more meaningful imagery, information, and user engagement. Minimal and clean design with content incorporated that truly adds value. 



What pairs really nicely with lots of white space is exciting and bold typographic design. Striking, fun, vibrant, artistic, and bold fonts will begin to replace images. This creates a cleaner look with more contrast so the really important items on the page stand out, and with fewer large images, enjoy quicker load times. 



I know, single scrolling website pages with animation are nothing new, but what we will begin to see is the creation of animation triggers that are used for a purpose and in a meaningful way, not just for the sizzle. This will offer users an engaging experience and a true sense interaction. 



Fear not, mobile usage is still on a steady incline. In fact, mobile usage will probably overtake desktop browsing again. In 2018, developers will continue to utilize responsive design and innovative mobile tools to give a unique digital experience not found on desktops - like voice technology, geolocation, and smart conversational bots. Apps will also continue to be more progressive with popularity in the mobile digital space holding strong. 



Often overlooked but just as integral to a website as the latest style trends: Quality content.  This is important for not just user engagement, but what I like to call robot engagement.  Search engines are becoming more sophisticated in discerning between quality content and filler that’s been loaded with buzz words.  It’s important to spend the extra time and effort on good copy and quality content, especially so in the coming year.



Stay fresh, don't let an outdated website be your weakest link. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a strong online presence? Can your customers easily find you online? Can someone look at your website and generally understand your business in just 5 seconds? Does your website have a clear call to action for your users? Have web conversions increased? Is your website attracting the right type of customer? If you answered "no" to any of the questions, your website is lacking, Let Agile Creative Services help. Contact us for a free consultation at
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Angela Gallik